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Group Study Room Policies

  • Group Study Rooms and Presentation Practice Rooms are for current UT Austin students only.
  • A group is defined as two or more students.
  • These rooms are intended only for collaborative group study, not meetings, classes, or any other related uses.
  • Presentation Practice Rooms are intended for use by groups that need to use the media provided.
  • Group study rooms and Presentation Practice Rooms are available for reservation only during times the hosting UT Libraries location is open.
  • Each reservation must be made on the hour, and be at least 1 hour (60 minutes) in duration. No more that 4 1-hour reservations may be made within one 24-hour period.
  • Reservations are limited to 4 hours total per EID per week. To reserve a room for longer than 4 hours, or make multiple reservations exceeding 4 hours in a given week, another individual from the group must use his or her EID to make the reservation.
  • A group that is more than 15 minutes late forfeits the reservation.
  • An individual may use a Group Study Room or a Presentation Practice Room, but only as a walk-up if no reservation is currently in place for that room. Rooms may not be reserved for individual study.
  • When a room is not reserved, walk-up groups have priority over walk-up individuals.
  • Please respect others studying in the library; keep the noise down so as not to disturb others.
  • Clean up the room before you leave so that it is ready for the next group.
  • The UT Libraries reserves the right to limit future Group Study and Presentation Practice Room use if the system is abused.

Group Study Room Instructions

  • Use this site to book a group study room and/or view your reservation. Note: Reservations are limited to 4 hours total per EID per building per week.
  • Browse - allows you to view a list of group study rooms and check for existing reservations
  • info - provides you with detailed information about equipment in each room.
  • Once you make a reservation, the system will allow you to view it online and will send you a confirmation message via email.
  • Go directly to the group study room at the appointed time. Rooms are unlocked.
  • If there are others in the room when you arrive, your reservation takes precedence. Your confirmation message will be useful in situations such as this. You may ask the people to leave or ask for help at the Information and Research Help Desk in the PCL Lobby or other service desk as appropriate outside PCL.
  • Note: Can't find an available room? We want to hear from you so that we can gauge the availability of adequate group study room space. Please use the Comments link in the footer of this page to provide feedback. Thanks!